Established in 1900 in Öflingen, Germany, WECK became known for their home canning system. Founder Johann Weck's ingenious design featured a rubber gasket and glass lid, replacing traditional metal closures, ensuring an airtight seal and eliminating metallic tastes. This innovation not only improved reliability but also provided a clear view of the jar's contents, adding both functionality and aesthetics to food preservation.

Over its more than a century-long history, WECK has maintained unwavering commitment to quality. This dedication to excellence has made WECK a trusted name in the canning industry, cherished by home cooks, artisans, and chefs worldwide. WECK's product line has expanded to offer a diverse range of shapes and sizes, accommodating a wide array of culinary creations. From tulip-shaped jars to classic cylindrical models, WECK provides a versatile canvas for preserving fruits, vegetables, sauces, and more. This adaptability has endeared WECK to a global community of canning enthusiasts who appreciate the brand's enduring commitment to quality. 

Today, WECK remains an emblem of tradition and innovation in food preservation. WECK's legacy continues to inspire generations, empowering them to create and share the flavors of their world.

The WECK strawberry symbol and the words "WECK" and "Einwecken" are legally protected trademarks for the company J. Weck GmbH & Co. KG in D-79656 Wehr-Öflingen. We have dispensed with the correct identification as WECK®, partly for reasons of better readability in the running text and with regard to readability for search engines.